Pool hill

Located in a beautiful flatland setting in the outskirts of Rotterdam this pool hill and garage is invisible from 1 side, and offers plenty of privacy and views on the other side. When you approach the pool hill from the north side, where the entry of the plot is located, it appears to be only a hill with some grass and flowers on it. Once passed the hill, coming closer to the pool you experience a true 'David Hockney' moment. Inspired by the famous painting from Hockney the pool is covered with an Turing pattern. The pattern appears to be always moving when walking by, just like the pool in the Hockney's painting.
Project:  Pool hill
Location: Oud Beijerland, Netherlands
Program: Garage, pool house and bathhouse
Size: 150 m2
Client: Private
Status:  Sketch design
Design team: ​​​​​​​Matter Makers and Depth