The interior design for Kogros consist out of multiple parts. The design compromises a showroom over 2 levels, an office for 30 people, a bar, an experience room and a lunchroom. When you enter Kogros you are instantly directed to the ceramic bar and the spiral staircase located in the showroom. The offices located in this building are designed with natural materials, lots of natural daylight, direct acces to plants in a calm material palette. They match the lunchroom where the whole staff can enjoy a good lunch and have a good conversation. The existing ceiling with concrete arches are emphasized by the the new arches in the showroom dividing the different brand rooms.

corridor towards workshop and lunchroom

showroom entrance

Client: Kogros BV
Location: Oud Beijerland, Netherlands
Program: Showroom, office, bar, lunchroom.
Size: 2800 m2
Status:  In progress
Team: Matter Makers with Depth

office lay out ground floor

existing situation

existing situation