Located in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam, OBA Lab represents the future of libraries. Built in wood, and other biobased materials, this library is trying to make a big impact on society and a small impact on the environment. It is not a traditional library, in the sense that this one is not filled with books and silent rooms. This library is designed especially for teenagers. It is a place where you can learn how to program, hack and shape your own future. The library is here to activate the empty square and be a place for the local community to meet and learn. The glass extension, which is re-used from another building will be the living room for the neighborhood. 

Project:  OBA Next Lab 
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Program: Library, VR lab, Robotic room, Cinema, Bar, public space.
Size: 24.000 m2
Client: OBA Amsterdam (Openbare bibliotheek Amsterdam, TUMO
Status:  In progress (2023)
Design team:  Matter Makers in collaboration with  A-W-R, Leire Baraja Rodríguez.
The building is made out of 24 wooden units that are built off site in a indoor controlled environment. Each unit fits on a truck without the need of permits or extra large vehicles. By building the units off site it can be done in a more efficient and cheaper way. The building is also built in a circulair way, meaning that the units can be taken apart after several years to move to a new location. The units are connected in a modular way, they can be taken apart after use, or updated with the latest technology. 
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