In accordance with the urban development plan of Centrum eiland (Amsterdam), Nest is a closed building block with a public passage going straight though the block. On the outside of the block a variety in rhythm, heights and alternating grids gives the block a human scale, a silhouette that subtly changes when you move around it. A  plinth with a market hall, creative spaces, offices, a gallery, workshops and a restaurant the streets on the outside of the cityblock are activated. On the inside a terraced landscape with trees on upper levels creates a green and pleasant 'back garden' for all residents. With all this Nest 
Project :  Airshade
Location : Amsterdam (centrumeiland), Netherlands
Program : Housing, shops, offices, public green.
Size : 24.000 m2
Client : Nikola
Status :  Completed competition (2020)
Design team : Matter Makers (Antoine van Erp) 
One overall superstructure ensures flexibility for future use and gives character to the project with its 45 degrees rotated grid column. At some areas the grid of the superstructure is filled in with glass to make a closed envelope, other areas are left open to connect the inner garden on the first level with the street and give more variety and breathing space to the street façade.
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